Achim Wendel, born in 1976, grown up near Morbach/Hunsrueck, originally started working in the business administration. It was during this time, that he already worked on amateur projects such as the 75 minute long anti drug film called "Gekauftes Glück - Bought Luck". It ran in a number of regional movie theaters and was even presented with a sponsorship award from the state of Rheinland-Pfalz in which he lived in.


After that, Achim decided that he would work professionally in this direction. In 2001 he started studying at the "University of Media" in Stuttgart. His major was motion pictures and he successfully graduated in 2006. On top of that, he went on to work as an intern for example at the State Opera House of Stuttgart and also for the legendary german television series "Tatort", produced by SWR.


At the same time several prize awarded short films were produced under his direction. "Pizza Amore" alone won twelve national and international prizes at different film festivals and was shown repeatedly times in german television.


Since 2007, Achim Wendel has been working as a freelance director and cameraman in the field of motion pictures but also in areas such as industry and advertising. A short time after his academic studies he already had been working for many renowned companies like Ernst & Young, Sparkasse or Burda. He was also able to gain valuable experience working in foreign countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Russia. Further Achim Wendel takes an active part as referent on film workshops and jury member at festivals.


Achim Wendel 2010 published his short film "London is at the North Pole." Special challenges of the project was the occupation of the main role with a mentally handicapped boy and elaborate underwater filming. Besides festival awards, it received the highest accolade "highly recommended" by the German Film Board Wiesbaden. Also "London is at the North Pole" was elected from the same place to Germany's short film of the month. Meanwhile, the film is international used as an educational medium and worldwide in stock of the Goethe Institutes.

2011 Achim Wendel realized the gloomy utopia "The case John Doe". The film premiered at the "Sitges International Festival" what is considered the most significant fantasy film festival in the world. This was followed 2012 by the 60-minute comedy "The Men's Club," which is distributed by Brainpool ("Stromberg", "Schlag den Raab").


Watch: Achim Wendel at SWR TV-Portrait

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